Utilizing the language of contemporary art to present places of historical importance, “1523” attempts to bring forward themes of cultural identity.

History is the greatest gift we can leave our children as it is through history that we define ourselves as a people and culture. By learning history we can tap into the collective wisdom of our ancestors and use it to move us forward. In Guatemala the current culture officially began in November of 1523 when Pedro de Alvarado first came to what is now Central America. What he set in motion was a chain of events that completely reshaped the destiny of the region and resulted in the present day all Guatemalans share.

The buildings and places that set the stage for these events still accompany us today, and they serve as portals back to those chapters. But in an age of fast information delivered to us in a massive way, it becomes difficult for the past to stay relevant when the present is so demanding. Therefore, this body of work attempts to present these places in a different context to try and highlight and bring attention back to them.



From the Hand is a group show of work by the artists Jinny Choi, Abby Cochran, Hanna Hentze, Morgan Smith, and Oliver Stephens. Through a variety of art practices the concept of physical manipulation is explored. The works exemplify how painting, sculpture, and installation serve as powerful testaments to the human ability to create through physical manipulation of media. Artists Choi, Cochran, Hentze, Smith, and Stephens found unity in their shared passion for the tactile pleasure of creating with their hands.



SCAD presents "Student Showcase," an annual exhibition of graduate and undergraduate student artwork, including a selection of works by notable SCAD alumna Jane Winfield (M.F.A., painting, 2012) and current SCAD student Bin Feng (M.F.A. photography). Begin or grow your collection with pieces from a wide variety of disciplines including painting, printmaking, photography and ceramics. All artwork is available for purchase.

Reception: Feb. 24, 2017, 5–7 p.m.

Monday, Feb. 20-Saturday, Feb. 25

Location: Alexander Hall , painting studio, 668 Indian St. Savannah, GA

This event is free and open to the public.

This exhibition is part of deFINE ART 2017, held Feb. 21–24 at SCAD locations in Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia, and Hong Kong. DeFINE ART is an annual program of exhibitions, lectures, performances and public events that highlights emerging and established artists and visionaries.

Nepantla: a Space In Between

Undergraduate Savannah College of Art and Design student Lucía Ortiz is calling on artists to submit work for her upcoming group exhibition: Nepantla: a space in between. The exhibition will take place on June 3rd – 5th, 2016, at the Welmont Gallery in Savannah, GA. This show is open to all SCAD students from any major, from fine arts to architecture, from writing to service design; work of all media is accepted and encouraged!